Jane Lowes Human Resources Consulting


Why Survey?

On occasion we know that there is a problem but not exactly what the root cause is or how to put it right.

By carrying out a survey of your employees you can affect a number of key areas within your business; organisational and employee performance, retention, communication, moral, and productivity to name but a few.

Let us design, evaluate and present the results of your survey bearing in mind your objectives and make recommendations for future action.

We tailor our work to match your needs.

Service is our Priority

“A fresh approach to managing your human resource requirements”

“You know that there is a problem with productivity and your initial investigations lead you to believe there is a problem with morale. You need further investigations and a survey is the perfect solution.”

"Want to be an employer of choice, want to know what its like to be an employee in your organisation, let your employees tell you honestly without the fear of repercussion."