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Performance Management

Managing the performance of employees will contribute to improving the effectiveness of your organisation.

In implementing a performance management system it is critical to consider the goals of the organisation as a whole and how an individuals role fits into and adds value to the organisation.

A simple system that sets out clear job roles, shows measures of success and highlights areas for development is key, but most of all it has to be a natural process of management rather than a complicated procedure imposed on mangers by the senior team or by the HR function.

Jane Lowes Human Resources can help your organisation design a bespoke system from the basic job statement, outlining key accountabilities and measures of performance to the process of assessing performance.

Service is our Priority

“A fresh approach to managing your human resource requirements”

“Performance management the art of ensuring that the employee and the manager have a shared expectation and understanding of what they need to achieve.”

"Performance management linked to pay or performance management liked to development share common traits; goals, expectations and a means of measuring success."