Jane Lowes Human Resources Consulting

Human Resouces Health Checks

Are you doing everything that you should with regards to managing your employees and looking after their documentation?

Not sure? Let us have a look on your behalf. We will carry out an assessment of the HR processes that you perform from an employee starting employment with you, the issuing of basic terms and conditions of employment, right through all the transactions that you carry out within the employment relationship, to set your mind at rest that you are legally compliant and are as protected as you can be bearing in mind the existing legal framework that we operate within.

Need regular updates for your managers as legislation changes? Let Jane Lowes Human Resources translate the legislation into common sense information to enable your managers to quickly grasp the changes and carry on effectively with their day job.

Service is our Priority

“A fresh approach to managing your human resource requirements”

“Managers hear the word “audit” and the hackles instantly raise on the back of their necks. Unfortunately on occasion to make sure that we are staying compliant with employment legislation, safeguard us from future action and to mitigate our losses, assessment is a necessary tool.”

"Some organisations promote their employees to positions where they are expected to deal with complex employment issues without equipping them with the necessary skills. This in turn leads to avoidable, expensive mistakes."