Jane Lowes Human Resources Consulting

Change Management and HR Project Management

Apart from the obvious there is one thing inevitable in life…..change!!

Organisations need to change to thrive and grow and remain competitive in their given field.

At Jane Lowes Human Resources we have a vast experience in Change Management in highly unionised environments helping organisations by facilitating the change process.

Change causes disruption in the workplace and if not properly managed can lead to a decrease in morale, motivation and commitment, creating conflict and reducing productivity.

We can advise you on the impact of the changes on employees and the legal connotations of the changes, consult with trade unions and employee representatives and provide continuing support as strategic plans progress.

The change project can be something as simple as managing the introduction of a new shift system and associated pay scale or a more complicated Management restructure to support the Company’s long-term strategic aims.

Service is our Priority

“A fresh approach to managing your human resource requirements”

“Everything flows and nothing abides. Everything gives way and nothing stays fixed.”

"No-one likes change but it is inevitable – use Jane Lowes Human Resources to help manage the essential processes involved in change."