Jane Lowes Human Resources Consulting

Business Restructuring and Redundancies

In order to grow and develop in ever changing business, political, technological and social environments Companies need to restructure, which, in turn can lead to redundancies.

The redundancy process needs to be managed from the initial planning phase right through to implementation and beyond.

At Jane Lowes Human Resources we can provide expert advise and support throughout the restructuring process from one to one consultations with individual employees to national trade union consultations, managing the whole process on your behalf.

Alternatively we can provide support advice and coaching to your Managers and HR team on how to handle the process.

Service is our Priority

“A fresh approach to managing your human resource requirements”

“Downsizing, rightsizing or rationalising, whatever the latest euphemism is for redundancy it is a process that needs expert handling to ensure it progresses smoothly.”

"At times organisations need to review their structure to ensure that it matches the future requirements and aspirations of the business – Do you have the right people, n the right roles to meet you business strategy?."